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Professional Filipino Genealogy Services

While many Filipinos have found information and inspiration to further their genealogy research on this site, the feedback from many visitors have made apparent, the need for professional Filipino genealogy services.

A seasoned family history researcher provides facts beyond second-hand research and family lore.  We will search record repositories — both on- and off-line — for documents, records and first-hand information on your family members.  If you need a partner in ancestry research — whether you need a full biography written or need a photograph taken of a grave or ancestral home — we invite you to consider Angkang Pilipino to help you get closer to your family story.

Some things to note:
– Asking for a quote is free. There is no obligation to purchase.
– We do not conduct search for parents of adopted or abandoned children.
– We do not conduct search for living relatives; unless there is a legal or government mandate.
– We do not conduct skip-tracing research.
– Project proposals are customized depending on the objectives of the client — document search, lineage research, authoring, photography, web site creation are among the services we can provide.
– It is imperative that you use your real names in requesting for the quotation. Please do not use aliases.
– Payments are via bank transfer or Paypal.

Here are some milestones we celebrate:
– Traced the global ancestries of Filipino families — Aylett-Racelis, Litton, Van Hoven, among others.
– Researched on groups who share a common experience — Bataan Death March soldiersThomasites.
– Documented the Ilongga mother of Paulino Alcantara (an FC Barcelona legend) when the information eluded historians from her home town.
– Retrieved historical documents on Filipinos, as part of a more complex forensic genealogy initiative — the Korea Repatriation Program.
– Featured in printed and on-line publications — Deseret News (2011), Geni Blog (2011).

If you wish to receive a complimentary cost estimate, fill out the form below to the best of your knowledge and we will carefully consider your requirements. We will respond with a proposal as soon as possible.

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