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Q: How can I join the Philippine Genealogical Society?
A: For all matters related to membership, please go to and “like” PGS on Facebook.  You can find the on-line application form here. acts as the information arm of the Philippine Genealogical Society, covering its projects and initiatives and delivering content relevant to Filipino ancestry and family history.  We welcome contributions and are on the look-out for regular writers.

Q: How can I contribute to Angkang Pilipino?

A: The site is always on the lookout for writers who can generate content about Philippine genealogy. Pitch your story to via email. We also welcome original contributions from families and friends who wish to write about departed loved ones. Here are some areas which your article may cover.

On Ancestry.  Who were his parents? When-where was he born?  Who were his siblings?  What unique role did he play in the family?  Describe their family’s place in society.  Anecdotes?

On Childhood.  Describe some unique childhood memories?  Did he meet anyone special who changed his life?  Favorites?  Special qualities? Anecdotes?

On Education.  How did he prepare for his life’s vocation?  Where-what did he study?  Special qualities? Anecdotes?

On Vocation.  As an adult, how did he make a living?  Accomplishments?  Anecdotes?

On Family.  How did he meet his life partner?  Kids?  Anecdotes?

On Death.  How-where-when did he die?  Anecdotes?  Where was he buried?  What is he best remembered for?

It would also be best to gather all the documents and photos you have of that person and send them off with the contribution.  Images should be clear and the face of the subject prominent in the image.  Sending the materials over constitute the granting of permission to publish the documents/photographs on-line. The site reserves the right to validate data provided and edit contributions as needed.

Q: How do I access private family trees on
A: We have been trying to make pubic most of the family trees we manage; since there are all derived from publicly available source materials.  In some cases, however, you would have to be a recognized family member to access trees marked private (as requested by family members themselves). Send an email to the profile manager and describe how you are connected to the subject’s bloodline. If you need us to assist, drop us an email.

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