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Teresita Herbosa’s Ascendants

27 July 2012

SEC Chairperson Teresita Herbosa is one of the candidates being considered for the Supreme Court Chief Justice post recently-vacated by Renato Corona.  On-line resources are abundant on her educational background and her experience as a lawyer, writer and educator.  She was cited as one of the country’s top three litigators by International Financial Law Review.

There is much reference to her being a Rizal descendant as well.  For the record, Teresita Herbosa is the great-granddaughter of Lucia Rizal, the fifth child of Francisco Mercado and Teodora Alonzo and was the older sister of our esteemed national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal.

Lucia Rizal was married to Mariano Herbosa, a Batangueno farmer.  Lucia was close to her younger brother and wrote to him often — calling the persecution their family suffered in Calamba as “abuse, madness”.  When her husband Mariano died in the cholera epidemic in 1889, he was denied a Christian burial because the deceased was a brother-in-law of someone who criticized the Catholic Church.

Lucia sent her two sons, Estanislao and Teodisio, to Dapitan to be educated in the school Jose Rizal established during his exile.  In his letters to his sister, Rizal reported that Tan (Estanislao’s nickname) loved browsing books and loved studying; while Teodisio had a liking for the land, not books.  When he asked the boys what they wanted from Manila, Tan asked for a book and Teodisio a bolo.  Her daughter Delfina Herbosa was among the first females to join the Katipunan.  Another daughter, Josefina Herbosa-Natividad was among the exiled who helped sew the first Philippine flag.

Explore the family tree  of Lucia Rizal-Herbosa.  Note that some nodes of the tree are private and require approval from the profile owner to view.

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