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Bringing Family History into a Wedding

8 February 2012

Weddings are all about the groom and bride; but one cannot deny that bringing our family members into the special occasion draws us closer in many ways .  Here are some ideas for making family history a part of this special day.

A family tree scroll.

1. An updated family tree, with the name of the bride or groom would make a meaningful gift, especially for a couple who appreciates family history.  Many suppliers in the market can make this for you.  When my sister got married several years back, my  niece and I worked on a DIY project, using my mad research powers and her calligraphy skills.  The family tree was laid-out by hand on a rice paper scroll and packaged in an ornate cylinder from a craft store.

A bouquet with family heirlooms or photos.

2.  I love how this idea brings ancestors and family members subtly into the affair. An heirloom bouquet is perfect for brides who may have a deep relationship with a sibling or parent or grandparent who has passed away or perhaps cannot be there for the occasion.  Tucking their photos or trinkets into the bouquet is a lovely way to remember them on one of the most important days of your life.

3. Making the wedding songs of your parents, grandparents or great-grandparents a part of the day’s playlist, either at church or at the reception, is a fun way of honoring the successful marriages of your ancestors.  If the songs are just too cheesy, make a game out of it at your bachelorette party — fill in the missing lyrics?  Let the love songs from a by-gone era inspire / entertain!

Memory candle holders

4.  Use memory candles.  Using cherished black and white photos, make custom votive candleholders for the reception tables.  Full instructions here.

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