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Dito, Noon: From Plaza Moriones

26 August 2011

I took the historical image I found here, taken in 1935 and a photograph I took in August 2011 to create this composite of the ramp from Plaza Moriones that leads up the Baluartillo de San Francisco — within the walls of Fort Santiago.

Before the Japanese captured Fort Santiago in WWII, it was a military facility for the US Armed Forces.  The surrounding areas like the Wallace Field and moat-turned-golf course was developed for the use of soldiers stationed in the Philippines.  I have walked this mossy incline many times, usually when I visit the plaza for parties.  I have never felt a connection to the history of that small dark alley, until I saw the pre-war photo.  I wonder if my great-grandfather, Juan Anderson Hernandez, ever walked up to the baluartillo above?

Find more “history fades” here.

Research Notes

– “Ramp from Plaza Moriones“.  1935.  Unknown owner.  Skyscraper City.  Date accessed: 26 Aug 2011.
– M. Veluz.   “Ramp from Plaza Moriones”.  2011.  Personal collection.

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