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Mona’s Weekly Top 3

8 July 2011

Here’s where you Pinoy family historians can get your “fix” this week:

1. hopes to provide an expansive family history database using images from the world’s cemeteries.  Pictures can be plotted onto a global map.  An iPhone/Android app is also available to make the plotting easier via GPS.  I don’t have an iPhone; but this is the best reason I have heard to get one.  I can imagine how valuable these would be, especially since records are very difficult to come by.   Tayo na sa sementeryo!

2. An archeological dig site in San Remigio, Cebu, supervised by the University of San Carlos and the University of Guam, yielded six burials and 14 earthenware jars and some 3,000 accessioned artifacts believed to be dated back from the Philippine Iron Age, which is between 500 BC and AD 900.   Thing is, the artifacts need to be sent over to the US for decent carbon dating.  Reeeally?  Read about these lolo’s-in-jars.

3.  Alex Castro writes about the gorgeous women of the South — Carmen Fargas, Rosie Shinn, Margarita Macrohon — and the fun albeit unprofitable Petit Carnivals of Zamboanga.  Visit Alex’s carnivals.

Your Ka-Angkan,

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