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Old Manila

23 June 2011

“Old Manila” (1940s) is a montage of random sceneries around Manila before World War II. Many of the structures have since been destroyed by war and neglect. In the background are popular songs of that decade, “Maybe” (1940) by the Ink Spots , “Together” (1944) by Helen Forrest and Dick Haymes and “Oh, What a Beautiful Mornin'” (1943) by Rodgers and Hammerstein.

You can find more history videos here.

Here’s what you can find in this short film:

At 00:00, an estero with a kasko on the left bank.
At 00:25, modern multi-story structures with business signs “Panciteria”, “Motel” and “Tivoli” on the facade.
At 00:38, Filipino pedestrians in traditional and modern clothing crossing a busy street.
At 00:49, streets busy with trambia‘s.
At 01:13, more buildings and electric poles.
At 01:20, the Pasig River with a docked ship and a bridge in the background.
At 01:52, an eight-story “skyscraper” hovers over traditional structures along the banks of the Pasig River.
At 02:03, billboards for Royal orange drink and San Miguel Pale Pilsen.
At 02:20, carriages pass along a road in a middle-class residential area.
At 02:37, a banca sits quietly by the bank of the Pasig River.
At 02:54. the modern Manila pier.
At 03:01, Dewey Boulevard (now, Roxas Boulevard).
At 03:16, the office building signage of Kodak Cubana Limited.
At 03:20, a horse-drawn conveyance is parked, along a narrow street, in front of a commercial structure with protruding balconies, while children play in front and a motor vehicle drives by.
At 03:46, a plant vendor pushes his wares on a cart.
At 03:51, a modern structure, very likely an government institution.
At 03:59, more motor vehicles.
At 04:02, a busy beach, possibly near Manila Hotel.
At 04:25, parked automobiles in front of an art deco building.
At 04:28, a trambia.
At 04:32, one of the many puertas or gates of Intramuros.
At 04:58, the port district and the Magellan Monument.
At 05:31, details of the walled city’s architecture.
At 05:53, the heavy traffic along Escolta (notice a sign that says “Acme” on the right and the dome in the background is Binondo Church).
At 06:25, one of the puertas of Intramuros for pedestrian traffic.

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