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What Search Engines Are Looking For: May 2011

30 May 2011

I hope to get a better understanding of what researchers out there need.  Starting with some search terms that lead to this site, let’s look at topics we can develop:

1. robert jaworski wife.  Evelyn Bautista is the maiden name of Jawo’s wife.  You can find their family tree here.

2. filipino surnames.  We republished the Catalog of Filipino Surnames from (the site was last updated in 1999) here and added more names to it.  We will post the catalog accompanying the Claveria decree soon and this will include both Spanish and indigenous names.

3. genealogy lagonsin.  We have NOT made a study on the Lagonsin Family.  We did find a Marciano Lagonsing when we indexed “The Philippine Revolution in the Bicol Region” here.  Mariano Lagonsing was suspected of being a Katipunero in 1896 and was executed in Castilla.

4. isaac abella.  The Clan Isaac and Abella were the germ from which the famed Abella Family of Naga (they migrated here in the early part of the 19th century) began.

5. simeona navoa.  We found her name when we were indexed “The Philippine Revolution in the Bicol Region” here.  But after preliminary googling, the name seems to be associated with an esteemed zarsuela actress who married Florencio Lerma, one of the Quince Martires Bicolanos.  We will look further into her shortly.

6. lucia abella.  Lucia was the youngest sister of Manuel and Leocadio Pinzon Abella.  More on Lucia can be found here.

7. the aquinos of tarlac summary.  We posted four generations of President Noynoy Aquino’s ancestors here.  The list was derived from the book penned by Nick Joaquin.  A more complete albeit “collaborative” Aquino family tree can be found on

8. rizal family tree.  The family tree of Jose Rizal on can be found here.  Note that this was compiled through multiple collaboration and relationships may or may not be documented.

9. manuel locadio abella.  Manuel and Leocadio Abella were brothers who moved from Catanauan to Naga to become the patriarchs of the Abella Clan, famous because of their wealth and accomplishment.

10. ramon abella y isaac.  Ramon Abella, who was exiled to Fernando Poo Island while others arrested with him were martyred in Bagumbayan, was NOT related to Bibiana Isaac.  One of the Abella’s made that correction when I first published this article.  He was Manuel Pinzon Abella’s son with another woman.

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