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The Escolta, Manila

12 May 2011

This American Mutoscope and Biograph (1903) was filmed by the Renovare Company for the film archives of the Academy of Motion Picture Art and Sciences. This clip, which does not have audio, captures the busy street of Escolta (the on-screen title was misspelled) at the turn of the century with its horse-drawn buses, caromatas and caritelas.

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  1. Chesca permalink
    11 August 2011 16:44

    Hi, Im Chesca, a researcher from a TV network. I am currently working on a documentary that focuses on Sta. Cruz and within it. I would like to ask your permission if we can use the videos and photos in your website about the said topic. Here is my email address: I am looking forward to your favorable response.

    Thank you! :)

    • Mona permalink
      11 August 2011 22:39

      I sent you an email Chesca. :)

  2. winxelochoa permalink
    11 March 2013 12:18

    Hi this is Winxel, a program researcher from GMANewsTV. We are currently doing a story about “Escolta”, a part of Manila and in line with this we would like to request permission from your good office free usage of the video “ESCOLTA CIRCA 1903″ that shows pictures and videos of the Manila years ago. We apologize for the short notice but we’re hoping you can accommodate us. We will put your name as courtesy” every time the video is being shown. Here is my email address Thank you very much.

    • Mona permalink*
      11 March 2013 20:43

      Hi Winxel. Will send you a note via email. :)

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