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What Search Engines are Looking For: April 2011

30 April 2011

I hope to get a better understanding of what researchers out there need.  Starting with the top 10 search terms that lead to this site, let’s look at topics we can develop:

1.  filipino nicknames.  To aid researchers who may or may not be familiar with the unique way Filipinos create nicknames to Spanish first names, we created this roster.  With the readers’ help, we hope to expand this over time.

2.  robert jaworski.  Robert Jaworski is a legend of Philippine basketball.  In one of our articles, we looked at how he is genealogically linked to Philip Cesar and James Yap.  It would be interesting to understand how his Polish ancestor came to the Philippines.

3.  philip cezar.  He is another legend of Philippine basketball. In one of our articles, we explored how he is genealogically related to Robert Jaworski, a player on a rival team in the 1970s. The relationship is distant and there are no blood relations; still, it was amusing to find the link.

4.  juanito remulla.  I created a short bio for the governor here.

5.  claveria decree.  The Claveria decree is discussed on several articles in this site, as it is a landmark law that made a big impact on how we study family history today.  Expect more articles on this over the next few months.

6.  domingo abella.  There are two prominent Domingo Abella’s we know of.   One was the Head of the National Archives and the other was one of the Quince Martires Bicolanos — both of them members of the esteemed Abella Clan of Naga.  The Abella’s are mentioned in many scholarly literature on the region’s history.

7.  jose orteza y cervantes.  A certain Jose C. Orteza of Masbate was mentioned in one of the books we indexed.  I am actually surprised to see there have been so many searches about him.  Anyone know why that is? I know very little about him, aside from his government job in Agusan. Give me a holler if this is a topic we need to develop.

8.  del gallego camarines sur.  Here is the article I wrote this town.  I am particularly interested in Del Gallego, as my husband’s family moved here at the turn of the 19th century.

9.  dudut jaworski.  Aside from his connection to Robert Jaworski, an accomplished athlete, and Mikee Cojuangco of the much-studied Cojuangco and de los Reyes Clans, he has little in his accomplishment docket to inspire a biography out of me.  Perhaps you can monitor his Wikipedia page instead?

10.  maria rosario aspillera diaz.  Towards the end of her life, Rio Diaz gained much respect for her strength and fortitude as she fought cancer.  I hope to improve information we have on her family tree soon.

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