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Creating a Pedigree Chart

19 April 2011

A pedigree chart, in human genealogy, is a pictorial representation of how one is connected to his ancestors.  If you wish to display your ascendants on your walls or to create unique decor for special events like reunions or to create a special gift for a beloved relative, here are some resources which provide tools that can make beautiful trees for you, hassle-free.

The Generations Project.  Here’s a quick no-nonsense option.  You can add your names and photos and the image will be auto-generated.  The page suggests that you can take these attractive visuals and post them on your website or Facebook page.  The downside:  the number of generations that can be displayed is limited; as well as the data you can include (no dates or places).

Geni.  After uploading your tree, select the “Home” person you would like to create a tree for.  Make sure photos are uploaded to each profile so they may be generated automatically.  Then, click Family Tree > Print Tree Poster.  The on-line application has settings you can freely manipulate to create the look you want and set the information you want to display.  The downside:  the application terminates with a purchase.  If you do not wish to spend for this, I suggest taking a screenshot of the entire tree and cropping it manually, using another application like Paint or Adobe Photoshop.

Martha Stewart. The Research Your Family Tree section under Memory Keeping projects houses a wealth of ideas on how you can present your family tree.  First published in Martha Stewart Living magazine’s Thanksgiving 2010 issue, these projects come with downloadable templates you could print and use.  Our favorite family tree designs include:  Birds of a FeatherFan ChartFlower, Giving Tree, Hand-LetteredIllustrated Clipart, and Precious Diamonds.  The downside:  making the tree “pretty” precedes the need for using a formal lay-out for most of these projects or detailing all available information.

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