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The Encomiendas of Pangasinan, 1591

14 April 2011

The Agustinian Convent in Lingayen was established in the 16th century.

By 1582, the lands of Pangasinan had been divided between the King of Spain and five encomienderos — recipients of land grants from the Spaniards.  The original encomienda assignments were outlined in a report dated 1591:

– The encomienda of Lingayen, belonging to His Majesty, has 1,000 tributes or 4,000 persons.  It has one Agustinian convent.  The inhabitants are peaceable and have justice.

– The encomienda of Sunguian, belonging to Vexarano, has 600 tributes or 1,400 persons.  It has justice and is pacified.  There is no [religious] instruction.

-The encomienda of Mangaldan, belonging to Captain Christoval de Axqueta, has 800 tributes or 3,200 persons.  It has both [religious] instruction and justice.

-The encomienda of Labaya, belonging to the His Majesty, Juan Ximenez del Pino and the minor son of Alonso Hernandez de Sandoval, has 1,500 tributes or 6,000 persons.  It has [religious] instruction and justice.

-The encomienda of Tugui and Bolinao, belonging to Alonso de Aguilar, has 2,000 tributes or 8,000 persons.  Not more than one-half are pacified.  They have no instruction.  The magistrate visits them.  They need three or four religious.

Research Notes: Cortes, Rosario Mendoza.  “Pangasinan, 1572-1800”.  Quezon City: New Day Publishers, 1998.  Page 57.

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