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Jesus Abella Diaz

8 October 2010

Jesus “Chong” Abella Diaz is the youngest child of Domingo Diaz and Concepcion Isaac Abella.

In 1964, Fr. Chong succeeded Father Leetai as the rector of the San Jose Major Seminary.  He  presided over the transfer of the Jesuit formation institution from Intramuros, Manila to Loyola Heights, Quezon City.  He received an honorary Doctorate in Human Letters from the Ateneo de Manila University in 1966.

Jesus Abella Diaz’s Family Tree can be found on

Family History Research Notes

1.  “The Family of Bibiana Isaac and Manuel Abella”. Date published: 20 April 2008.  Date accessed:  26 May 2010.
2.  “Traditional University Awards 2010“.  Ateneo de Manila University official site. Date accessed: 02 August 2010.

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  1. antonio permalink
    22 January 2011 00:53

    father diaz was my father rector at san jose seminary,,,, i remember him well
    he was a good teacher too
    i remember i used to write letters
    he called me and taught me how to fold a letter and envelope
    he told me …. whatever you do in life, try to be orderly and neat
    he called me, usually when a father rec tor calls you to his office
    something serious must have happened,,,,
    he asked me, is this your letter
    then he showed me how to fold a letter inside an envelope
    see,, this is easy

    i never forget this lesson,,,,, to be neat and orderly
    and coming from a Jesuit father Rector ( he is like the
    commander in chief of the seminary),,,,, not just
    a teacher

    he was short, stocky, white complexion, and very neat
    and talks in simple sentences,,,, and brief

    he usually does not talk to us,,,, this was one of the
    rare time i talk to him

    he said, brother tony, when you become a parish
    priest, this is the way you should be in charge,
    neat and orderly

    when i left his office, i was like flabbergasted,,,, humbled
    see what a letter can do to your life

    i remember him well

  2. Mona Magno-Veluz permalink
    2 February 2011 19:50

    thank you for sharing your fond memories. :)

  3. 21 January 2014 22:26

    thanks for sharing your memories antonio and thanks mona for maintaining this site. who does all the research? Father Diaz, Lolo Chong to us is the only surviving child of Manuel Abella and Bibiana Isaac. Lolo Chong is now in his late 80’s and has retired from Jesuit work. He lives in the Ateneo, Loyola heights with the other retired Jesuits. we see him often at family reunions and he is constantly asking me to hire him and give him a job!

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