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Ramon Manuel Abella Diaz

1 October 2010

Ramon Manuel Abella Diaz was the son of Domingo Diaz and Concepcion Isaac Abella.

As executive secretary of the Liberal Party in the pre-matial law Naga City, Ramon and his cousin-in-law, Mayor Ramon H. Felipe engineered the construction of landmark structures in city proper — the GSIS Building, the Naga City Public Market, among others.

The land holdings in Naga which Ramon inherited from his mother grew over the years.  This was largely because of the talent of his wife Mercedes (Mitty) who has sold and bought properties in Naga and developed select real estate into business complexes, markets, and low cost housings.  The Dona Conchita Subdivision is such a development, where street names are named after her children and grandchildren.

In the early 1960’s, he serves as the General Manager of the GSIS.  He was also the CEO of the Philippine Fuji Xerox Corporation.

In March 1986, Ramon served as Commissioner of the Presidential Commission on Good Government (PCGG).  Upon the resignation of Jovito Salonga, he was appointed by President Cory Aquino to Chairman of PCGG — a post he held from 09 March 1987 to 12 August 1988.  From 1989 to 1992, Ramon served as the Philippine Ambassador to Canada.  In the 14th book of the Make My Day series, Larry Henares described Ramon:  “Let’s face it, Mon is so pleasant, so accommodating, so full of the milk of human kindness, it was almost a sacrilege to ruffle his feathers.”

Ramon lost his fight to prostate cancer in September 1997.  He was survived by Mercedes del Rosario Imperial and his seven children:  Concepcion Corazon, Domingo Jesus, Regina Corazon, Aurora Corazon, Mercedes Corazon, Ramon Jesus and Priscilla Corazon.  Ramon Manuel Abella Diaz’s Family Tree can be found on

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