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Socorro Imperial Abella

2 August 2010

Socorro Imperial Abella was born to Mariano Isaac Abella and Juana Hernandez Imperial in 1905.  On 16 January 1928, she married Antonio Soriano in Naga City, Camarines Sur, Philippines.

It can be inferred from court records that Socorro owned considerable real estate in Naga City.  She leased commercial buildings and developed land into at least three residential subdivisions. 

Socorro Imperial Abella’s Family Tree can be found on

Research Notes

1. Church of the Latter Day Saints. Date accessed: 22 September 2010.
2.  GR 100525, dated 25 May 1993.  The LawPhil Project.  Date accessed: 01 August 2010.
3.  GR 100633, dated 28 August 2001.  The LawPhil Project.  Date accessed:  01 August 2010.

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  1. Adrian permalink
    2 August 2010 08:05

    You look like Socorro Abella. Good luck to your research. I wish to see your Family Tree Chart with too many branches in the near future.

    On Christmas vacation, I will gather information to the street and person that you mentioned in your FB message. :)

    • Mona permalink
      2 August 2010 12:22

      haha! o nga! but we are not blood relations. mel is related to her by marriage.

      i am planning a trip to iloilo in september or later. so i might have the pleasure of doing the photography myself.

      miss you guys! hope all’s well. :)

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