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Ramon Abella

19 July 2010

Ramon Abella was born in Nueva Caceres, Ambos Camarines, Philippines to Manuel Pinzon Abella and an unknown woman.

Fernando Po Island

On 16 September 1896, he was among several prominent citizens were arrested and indicted for rebellion.  On 02 November 1896, two months before his father Manuel and brother Domingo were martyred in Bagumbayan.  Manwhile, Ramon, together with Mariano Araña, was sentenced to exile in Fernando Po Island, a Spanish penal colony on the western coast of Africa, where he reportedly died.  This island is now Bioko, a territory of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea.

There are conflicting accounts surrounding his death.  Some report that Ramon, subjected to a regimen of hard labor and a diet of rice, condensed milk and rancid bacon, died in exile between 1897 and 1898 in his island prison.  An alternative account from fellow-exile General Ludovico Arejola, reports that Ramon Abella died much later in Cartagena, Spain, after a general pardon to political exiles was granted on 5 February 1898.

Ramon Isaac Abella’s Family Tree can be found on

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