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Domingo Isaac Abella

12 July 2010

Domingo Isaac Abella was born in 1873 in Nueva Caceres, Ambos Camarines, Philippines to Manuel Pinzon Abella and Bibiana Isaac.  As a boy, he excelled in mental activities and was versatile in various sports, such as fencing, sipa and arnis.  He is described as possessing enviably good looks.

Domingo became a surveyor by profession and was a wealthy businessman despite his age.   Raised in privilege and naturally outspoken, he took every opportunity to address crowds at gatherings, denouncing the Spanish regime.  Moved by youthful idealism, Domingo supposedly joined the Katipunan and was tasked to recruit the aborigines of Mount Isarog to join the movement.  

At the heels of the Tagalog insurrection, the Bicol region felt the brunt of the government’s campaigns to crush the looming revolution.   On 16 September 1896, Domingo, his father Manuel, his brother Mariano and others were  arrested on allegations that he received shipments of arms from another Katipunero with which to start a rebellion.  His properties were confiscated on 11 November 1896.

From verbal accounts, Domingo was hardly recognizable from the physical abuse he sustained from his Spanish captors and was having difficulty walking on the day of his execution.  On 4 January 1897, five days after Jose Rizal was shot, Domingo and his father were shot at Bagumbayan (now Luneta Park) with ten others for conspiring to rebel against the Spanish government.  At 24 years old, Domingo Abella was the youngest of the martyrs whose patriotism is honored at the Plaza Quince Martires in Naga City, Albay, Philippines.

Domingo Isaac Abella’s Family Tree can be found in

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