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The Town of Del Gallego

1 April 2005

Historical Background

Del Gallego is the town on the northern most tip of Camarines Sur. This is where the Quirino Highway road meets the first town of Quezon province, Tagkawayan.

Little is known about the history of the town of Del Gallego, Camarines Sur.  Information taken from the old residents revealed that in the latter part of the Spanish regime, this town was a crude fishing village north of Ragay Gulf, at the mouth of Kilbay River and was named after the river. The Gulf abounded with fish and other sea products. A little further to the north was a virgin forest. This forest attracted much the attention of a strapping young Spanish traveler, Don Juan del Gallego from the little town of Villaviciosa in Northern Spain. Old residents of Del Gallego further claimed that he came from the south (Iriga) with his lone batel (a small merchant boat), trading in wild products and almaciga. The first lumber mill that Don Juan erected was in Sitio Pinagdapian, five kilometers up Kilbay River. The town folks left their fishing livelihood for whatever fortune they can reap from the new industry. Others went on with their farming. In a few years, this lumber camp rose to a progressive community. Don Juan led the people in most social activities. He erected a school and a chapel. He even organized a village orchestra. By this time he married a native of the village, the former Potenciana Ubante. He was 37 and his bride, 17.

In 1927, the lumber mill was now expanding and needed a bigger area. It was moved to Danawin, the original name of Del Gallego Town. This moved made the lumber yard a bustling little community. Traders, merchants, businessmen and just plain folks looking for jobs came to the little baranggay (village).

A Town Was Born

In 1936 Don Juan del Gallego succeeded in securing the help of Camarines Sur 1st district Assemblyman Francisco Celebrado. Assemblyman Celebrado worked for a passage of a bill in the National Assembly separating then Barrio Danawin from the town of Ragay to make it a new town. In the later part of the same year, President Manuel L. Quezon through Executive Order No. 56, dated October 5, 1936, proclaimed the barrio as a regular municipality. In December 1936, the town folks witnessed the inauguration of the Municipality of Del Gallego (named after its founder and benefactor).

The following year, the new municipality was honored by the presence of no less than the president of the Philippines, President Manuel L. Quezon. The president inaugurated the southern line of the then Manila Railroad Company by driving the Golden Nail to a piece of pile, marking the meeting point of the south and north construction. An impressive railroad marker now stands a half kilometer from the town proper to mark this historic event.

In August 31, 1941, the Grand Old Man Of Bicol, founder of Del Gallego Town, and great benefactor of the people expired in his home in Manila, leaving his town mates with a good example of what patience and industry was all about. “He will always be remembered for having built with his own funds the town hall, the Central School and many other beautiful places in the community,” said an old timer.

Location and Political Subdivisions

Del Gallego is one of the 35 municipalities of the province of Camarines Sur. It is bounded by the Municipality of Tagkawayan, Quezon, in the northwest by Ragay Gulf and on the southwest by the Municipality of Ragay, Camarines Sur. This fourth class municipality has a total land area of 28,860 hectares. It has a total of 32 baranggays, with Pamplona (6,053 hectares) being the largest. The total population as of 1995 stood at 18,760. The town’s income in 2000 was P21,087,896.61.

The municipality has 14 public schools, 2 private, 3 government owned secondary schools, two private secondary schools and one tertiary private school.

Town Mayors

Don Juan Del Gallego
1937 – 1938

Franciso Navarro
1939 – 1940

Jose U. Del Gallego

Emilio Q. Natano

Casiano Lampos
1945 – 1946

Teodulo Rodejo

Alfredo Y. Adulta
1948 – 1951

Silverio B. Veluz
1952 – 1959

Napoleon Pendor
1960 – 1971

Julio U. Del Gallego
1972 – 1976

Noneluna Pendor
1976 – 1978

Lucy B. Veluz
1978 – 1986

Henry Pendor
1986 – 1988

Silverio B. Veluz
1988 – 1998

Eduardo Q. Uy Sr.
1998 – 2000

Bayani B. Veluz
2000 – 2001

Carolina C. Uy
2001 – 2003

Bayani B. Veluz
2003 – 2010

Lydia B. Abarientos
2010 – present

Research Notes

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  1. 13 September 2005 10:09

    I am proud of your work in preserving your identity and roots in a town like yours. It is indeed a very noble project not all towns in the Philipines has it. I believe in preservation of history, be it a town, a family name or anything that will remind our connection to our heritage. my only comment you miss is a Coat of Arm of the Del Gallegos, someone should trace your genealogy and I’m sure it is available. I have been to Spain and they can check your family name and your Coat of Arm diagram is produced in a click of the computer. Congratulations.

    • 13 September 2005 16:26

      Thank you, ML! Your compliment is much appreciated.

      On the coat of arms: unfortunately, unlike the Del Gallegos who have actually documented their roots to a Spaniard, I still have not done the same for the Veluz’s. I did find the family name’ coats of arms on-line but we don’t have the right to use them unless I have proof of lineage. I am diligently working on that though. :)

  2. Paul john permalink
    13 January 2006 18:54

    I am happy to hear from other veluz Clan. I am also Veluz and we are from quezon province in Lucena city. i hope to hear from u more…

    • 20 September 2010 10:13

      Hi Paul John. I am trying to look deeper into the Veluz roots and I am trying to muster up more info on their connection to Luisiana, Laguna. It would be create if you could share what you know of your lineage. Thanks!

  3. 10 February 2006 15:30

    i was trying to simply validate “danawin” at yahoo network! and gotcha! danawin is indeed at this gigantic WORLD WIDE WEB!

    i’m a native of del gallego anyway! hope u could advertise more deeply this beautiful town of ours!

    God bless!

  4. Cheryl permalink
    4 December 2006 03:50

    I was born in Del Gallego but grew up travelling to different parts of the country. I am proud to be part of the town.

  5. louis payawal permalink
    26 August 2007 06:28

    Greetings to the Veluz Clan !!! As a child, I lived in Del Gallego with my parents. I still remember going to Quilbay with my siblings. We also used to play near the water where the was a sunken ship. I plan to visit the town in the future, but don’t know for sure what type of accomodations are available. I look forward to revisiting my childhood town.

    • Mona Magno-Veluz permalink
      11 May 2011 09:53

      hi louis – my husband’s father grew up in del gallego but he didn’t stay. the last time we went on a roadtrip for dg, we had to go to naga for accommodations. although i heard that now, there are some houses of rent. :)

  6. art calderon inguillo permalink
    7 September 2007 11:34

    hi, nice to know that there is a site dedicated for the town of del gallego camarines sur, and for all the people who are in one way or another find affinity and good memories to this beautiful town. i came from the family of rodejos, my grandma in my mother’s side is a rodejo, and i have visited and have fond memories of del gallego since i was a child. it is only thru this site that i have known that my great2x grandfather once served as a mayor of del gallego (1947), and thinking of it makes me more closer to the town. kudos to everybody who made this site possible and may all our angkan increased!

    • Mona Magno-Veluz permalink
      20 September 2010 10:48

      you’re welcome, art! i hope this page somehow inspires you, no matter how little, to look deeper into your family’s roots. :)

  7. esonido permalink
    26 September 2007 07:55

    Great work.. please have more pictures. i have been to Tagkawayan, Quezon and had a boat ride to Camarines … boy, you have the best fish in the world. Are there still boats going to and from Tagkawayan and all the rest of the areas there?

    • Mona Magno-Veluz permalink
      20 September 2010 10:46

      hi esonido. i wish i could put up more pictures; but i really don’t have much. i am not based in bicol, you see. i welcome contributions from readers!

  8. mary jane permalink
    26 February 2008 17:22

    del gallego was really a great place.. kababait ng mga tao eh specially those people in barangay comadaycaday (sadyAAAAAAAAAA)..but theres a problem!!!!! some maps in ure municipality were not yet done….huhuhu.. hard 4 us to search.. hehe

  9. luningning permalink
    26 February 2008 17:26

    kaganda ng del gallego…. overwelming ang pagtangap ng mga tao specially mga taga comadaycaday…il be back der soon..very kind tlga c mayor veluz..thanks poh..mwaaah!!mwaaah!!!!mwAAAAAh!!!!

  10. nonoy permalink
    20 March 2008 16:54

    im froud na taga del gallego q galing sa angkan ng mga rodejo, miss q n bayan at maligo sa ilog.

  11. marvin b. villanueva permalink
    21 April 2008 14:01

    ang sarap ala2hanin ang lugar kong saan lumaki ang aking mga magulang khit medyo madalang ako makabisita sa aking mga kamaganak sa bagong silang,mansalaya at sa poblacion….miz ko na ang makaattend ng fiesta dyan sa del gallego…

  12. Ferdinand Marasigan permalink
    4 July 2008 14:57

    I enjoyed your blog and appreciate the time and effort that went into the creation of it.
    I am a native of Tagkawayan, currently residing away from my hometown. Last time I was back there was March 2008 to sever the last remaining link I have with the town. Even if Tagkawayan was but just a brief mention in your creation, it gave me chills up my spine and brought back childhood memories.

    I recognize the Veluz last name – are you part of the family who owns a property atop a small hill between Our Lady of Lourdes Parish and the Municipal Hall?

    Again, thank you for the work you do.

    • Mona Magno-Veluz permalink
      20 September 2010 10:44

      thanks for the kind words, ferdinand! i believe the property you are referring to is owned by the heirs of silverio veluz (my husband’s uncle). :)

  13. Marial Lourdes Ubante Laihee permalink
    17 October 2008 00:04

    I agree with all the comments. I never thought that there is site like this for Del gallego. My family is still there. My family’s surname is Ubante and I am relative to Del gallego’s. Right at this very moment i feel so home and so proud that not only me is seeing the beuty of our town.

    • Mona Magno-Veluz permalink
      20 September 2010 10:41

      happy to host this page. i am looking into researching on the ubante-del gallego family tree soon. i will be posting my findings here. :)

  14. pinky permalink
    21 November 2008 06:37

    Hi there! im also a native from Del Gallego i grew up there and finish my high school,but i decided to continue my college in manila. I only found out this site when im get here in canada and im so thankful and proud its really great… Good luck and im so really proud…. regards to my beloved family there(amarga’s family)

  15. pinky amarga keepence permalink
    21 November 2008 06:43

    im here again…… id like to greet my sister Lorela A. Agnote whose been very loyal in her career as a teacher in High school and at the same time a part time professor in college(Alfelor Senior Memorial College). she’s been celebrating her birthday on Dec. 3 happy b-day in advance sis your so wonderful …keep it up…regards to everybody.

  16. 4 December 2008 20:39

    please update… and include the Ubante Clan. The Ubante has a claim to be part of the history of the town… How is Potenciana Ubante related to Don Juan Del Gallego… Thank You!

    • 26 February 2010 23:15

      thanks for visiting my site, yonyon. if you have information on the ubante’s that can enrich the content here, please email me.

  17. lita dolores permalink
    23 December 2008 09:18

    dati akong guro sa del Gallego Central na ngayon ay naninirahan sa Michigan walang katumbas na kaligayahan ang nadama ko nang matagpuan ang “web site” na tungkol sa bayan kong sinilangan.Malaki ang iniunlad ng del Gallego.Binabati ko ang mga sumusulong sa kaunlaran ng aking bayan.Sa mga Grade l Daffodils ko noon AM proud of YOU.

  18. meldrin permalink
    2 February 2009 11:37

    d ako lumaki sa gallego pero taga roon ang tatay ko!
    magandang lugar, ka aya aya at talagang maganda roon na may simpleng pamumuhay!!

  19. monette legson permalink
    13 February 2009 09:31

    it’s so touching to have found this site as i am also from del gallego! Sa lahat po ng taga del gallego saan man part ng mundo, mabuhay po!

    • Mona Magno-Veluz permalink
      20 September 2010 10:38

      i am glad to have been part of your serendipitous find. :) cheers!

  20. marjorie gallego permalink
    27 February 2009 14:27

    hi everyone! i may not be born and raised in your charming & interesting town but i am so thrilled to know that there is a website for a town named del gallego. I am a gallego but with out the “del”.

    i too is doing my research about my roots and my dead end is with my great great grandfather who was a migrant of bohol(a place i’ve never been to).

    i admire ms. veluz for her great job with this site and for her own search of her family roots.

    i hope i could do the same.i also hope i could visit Del Gallego a town that caught my interest not only by its name but with its fascinating history and geographical location.

    more power to Del Gallego and its people.
    Congratulations to you ms. mona veluz!

    • 26 February 2010 23:15

      thanks so much for the kind words, marjorie

  21. Joey Celebrado permalink
    9 March 2009 17:15

    Im the grandson of the late Francisco Celebrado who was featured in your article as the Assemblyman from the first district of Camarines Sur who initiated a bill in Congress for the creation of the town of Del Gallego… im very thankful to the author for that footnote in the history of your town, where my grandfather was mentioned and acknowledged
    more power to Del Gallego and its people
    Congratulations to Ms Veluz

    • 9 May 2010 03:27

      hi, joey. thanks so much for the kind words. could you send me a photograph of your grandfather? i would very much like to add him to the list of del gallego’s notable figures. =)

  22. Cristina Ubante Borja permalink
    20 April 2009 16:35

    hi to all my relatives there in del gallego,im also one of ubante clan my mother is daughter of late solomon ubante the youngest brother of lola potenciana.. pinagmamalaki ko na naging bahagi ang mga ninuno ko sa pag unlad ng del gallego. MORE POWER to Del Gallego i hope we meet all my relatives there..

    • Mona Magno-Veluz permalink
      20 September 2010 10:37

      hi, cristina. i hope you have had the chance to trace your roots futher back. if you are interested in sharing bios here, please let me know. :)

  23. azul del gallego permalink
    22 April 2009 16:02

    hi im really to be a part of the GREATEST DEL GALLEGO TOWN, regard to all our KABABAYAN S.

  24. marvin rodejo permalink
    27 April 2009 18:08

    hi to all who’s living and born in Del Gallego Town, actually this is my first time that i check my surname and i found that my surname of RODEJO is born on DEL GALLEGO, and i’m so proud that one of mayor in town of DEL GALLEGO is one of my relatives that i really dOn’t know…

    I hope that i can visit in DEL GALLEGO very soon……

  25. Jonas permalink
    29 April 2009 14:38

    Hi. In Jonas Cabiles Soltes, Bicol correspondent of Philippine Daily Inquirer. I am looking for something interesting in Del Gallego which could be worth writing a story about. Any idea? Place, culture, heritage, traditions, etc… Anyay here’s my cell phone number. 09273826239. Please inform me if you have idea. thanks.

  26. lita dolores permalink
    6 May 2009 11:00

    hi azul nice to read something from one of my fav. grade one daffodils.My best regards to your clan and hope to see you soon.Ninang

  27. Arnel Q. Belgica permalink
    29 June 2009 23:07

    Tnx to the author of this blog (Ms. Veluz) and i hope someday mka besita ulit ako dyan… Regards to all!..

    • Mona Magno-Veluz permalink
      20 September 2010 10:35

      hi, arnel. i am actually not based in del gallego. my husband’s father was raised there; but my husband was not. the family still considers del gallego as their hometown. :)

  28. louis payawal permalink
    30 June 2009 09:33

    Greetings again to the Veluz clan. Thanks so much for keeping this website for the town of Del Gallego.
    I read some of the comments just now and can answer some of the questions.
    Potenciana Ubante. She was the wife of Don Juan del Gallego.
    Governor Gallego’s son was married to a Rodejo.
    I know of Solomon Ubante.
    I am going to visit the town of del Gallego this October 2009
    Anyone wishing to touch bases with me, please do so.
    My other email is
    Hope to hear from my townmates and relatives.

  29. joey permalink
    6 July 2009 17:03

    Greeting to all my kababayan.I am looking for my classmates and friends please contact to this email add

  30. joey permalink
    6 July 2009 17:17

    hi to my teacher lita musta na poh,hope someday magkita tayo together with my classmates namely ellen suarilla,manolo Ubante,rodrigo ilagan,Danilo Buendia.chit mislang.charlene nazareno,gemma gagalac,lani amarga,judith rodejo.

  31. Arnel Q. Belgica permalink
    15 July 2009 12:34

    Regads nlang po sa mga dti kung ka klase jan sa DGBHS (Nw Del Gallego H/Sch.) na sina fr. Y0ny0n, Allan Leonado, Ruben Logronio, Rosemarie Montañez, Myra Pendor, Noggieb0i, Senen Ager, 2nith Martirez, Anna Rodejo, Joel Rojo, Voltaire Nataño, Lourdes Silang, Victor Llorca & mny m0re. Jst keep n touch nlang sa email add na ito: Mz k0na kyong mka b0nding. Tnx 2 Ms. Veluz….

  32. Chekarl Suarilla permalink
    28 July 2009 16:31

    Del Gallego Ang Bayan Ko, Bayang Pook Ng Ligaya, Bayang laging kahalikan, Nitong Along Nagsisinta. . . . . I Am Proud To Say That I And My Whole Family Clan Is From This Town. D Man Ako Pinanganak sa Del Gallego But Dito Ako Lumaki At Ito Ang Aking Bayang Minamahal. Ang Bayan Ng Aking Mga Magulang at Ninono At Ng Aking Buong Angkan. Sana sainyong lahat jan na mga proud Gallegohin din na tulad ko, magtukungan tayo para sa mas ikakaunlad, iakakapayapa at ikakaganda ng ating bayan. Let us all hope and pray na palaging maganda ang patutunguhan ng ating bayan. Sabi nga ng ating patron na si Santa Rita De Casia Walang imposible basta naniniwala ka sa Diyos. Patron of all imposible ang ating patron kaya edge natin yan basta maniwala tayo sa Diyos. God bless us all…..

    Regards Sa Lahat Ng Mga Proud Gallegohin add nyo ako sa Facebook at friendster



  33. Nick Azul permalink
    18 August 2009 16:25

    I am originally from naga City now living in Brisbane , Australia, am just wondering if anyone from Del Gallego know my friend from long time ago, Corazon, Isagani and Preciosa Duque. any infos please forward, thank you

    • Carlos Juan Marcelo Del Gallego permalink
      13 June 2010 06:54

      Hi Nick, are you looking for Corazon Del Gallego daughter of ex Camarines Sur Governor Manuel Del Gallego? If you are, you can reach me at

  34. edmar malle permalink
    27 August 2009 10:36

    i proud to be a part of our bayang sinilangan…[DELGALLEGO]…sana lalong umunlad pa ang bayan natin sa pagtutulongan nating lahat…MABUHAY mga MALLE FAMILY..OF BRGY CABASAG. thank you”edmar malle

  35. Annette Bensurto permalink
    11 September 2009 00:09

    Wow!!!Interesting!!! I am originally from Manila but transferred in Del Gallego when I was grade 5 until second year high mother’s clan lived in Gallego (Amarga family).. I’m proud to be part of the Municipality… Hoping my classmates who knows me for the short period of time may find this and contact me.. and even my other friends..
    Here are some people that i remember… Helen Silang,Valencia,Neleste Rufo, Aileen Rojo, Allan Ronquillo, Maila Ager, Raymond Suarilla, Collantes,Magnaye, Tolits Pardo… those i don’t mention you can reach me through this email add this is also my facebook account.. thanks.. and God Bless to all… Aja!!!

    • Mona Magno-Veluz permalink
      20 September 2010 10:33

      thanks for the kind words, annette! i hope this is has helped you reconnect with old friends. :)

  36. jo-anne bensurto permalink
    11 September 2009 00:25

    Unexpected that i could find Del Gallego province in google. Personally, I graduated High
    School in Dell Gallego batch 91. But after graduation i came back in manila to pursue my college studies. I spent my four years there,and have good memories about the places and the people. Some friends that i still remember are…. Ana leah Ager,Lilet Napoles,Liza Collantes,Ignacio Suarilla III,Brain Mercado,Vilma Carmona,Nenita Ortega,Roger Barbecho(I heard he is now a priest is it true?) By the way to those who wants to chat with me some people who knows me there in Del Gallego. this is my ym this is also my facebook add. thanks.

  37. 21 September 2009 13:52

    Magaling! Yan ang masasabi sa gumawa ng site n 2. Gus2 q lng kumstahn mga batch q s dnhs b4 bt nw dhs tama db? Allan R, Peter C. Raymond S. Bong, ed cedo, julius d, at s lahat. Mabuhay ang lahat ng gallegista…

    • Mona Magno-Veluz permalink
      20 September 2010 10:31

      salamat, lazaro!

  38. lita de duque kurnat permalink
    24 September 2009 16:40

    am the eldest sibling of your long time friends from del gallego,Corazon & isagani are both married Cora teaches in DGO Central School and a part time teacher in community College in town.Isagani got married ,joined the Quezon City Police Force then quit he hops from Manila to gallego most of the time to see our mum.prescilla is married too , she works at San sebastian college as secretary to the principal in the Elementary Department,our other sister vangie and her family migrated to Australia she own a surgery in Woodcroft NSW.And me? after teaching in Gallego went to Africa as government officer ,then to Los Angeles CA as a teacher again,got married and settled here in Michigan.I talked to Cora and Pret two days ago via internet ,they were happy and said Regards to you Am going home this coming Feb.Cora’s son is getting married.Bye and have a nice day.

    • Mona Magno-Veluz permalink
      20 September 2010 10:31

      thanks for the visit, lita. i hope you get the opportunity to research further back on you bicolano family tree. :)

  39. Fhe permalink
    15 October 2009 10:37

    Maganda po talaga ang bayan natin. and pwede rin po magtanong may landline no. po ba kayo sa munisipyo? salamt po

    • Mona Magno-Veluz permalink
      20 September 2010 10:27

      hi, fe. i am not from the munisipyo. this page was created because my husband’s family hails from the town, and my interest in it is purely in rooted in enriching our family history research. :)

  40. welia verdejo permalink
    10 November 2009 02:41

    wow,Thanks ms. veluz for keeping this website for my hometown del thing i know simple, and quiet life makes del gallego different from other town, not to mention a very friendly people…living in a conservative way w/c i loved my batch ’89 in DGHS, got to see this!!! To Verdejo and Terrenal family..I love U all!!
    UNLAD GALLEGO!!!more power Mayor Veluz, continue to dream high, aim high for the progress and success of our hometown Del gallego.

    • Mona Magno-Veluz permalink
      20 September 2010 10:25

      the grateful comments from the folks from del gallego is thanks enough. i am glad my husband has roots in such a close-knit town. :)

  41. Francis Joseph E. Malanyaon permalink
    4 December 2009 14:05

    mmmmmm. HeLLo sa mga taga gallego”,..

    ilang beses pa lng ako nkkpunta ng gallego.. pero nagandahan kaagad ako dunnnn.. isa n dun yung Resort sa Sta rita..

    —Ragay, Cam. Sur

  42. Bhing Añil Viloria permalink
    4 December 2009 14:07

    muzta mga kababayan ko.miss u all.
    regards to all my barkada like welia,
    miss u baby-ann mg daughter diyan ng
    aaral sa ating mahal na bayan.
    regards also to papa ding,mga kapatid
    mga pamangkin &veluz family.


  43. geoffrey villota permalink
    1 February 2010 16:03

    I my self connot go along without looking back to my home town del gallego. I together with my family (Villota) and the origin of me as Ubante in my mother’s side, would like to decleare our being one with the rest, having that space of my hearth dedicated only to this town. And in the words of my deceased mother,and i quote “mananatili tayong taga del gallego hanggang naka tindig ang lumang bahay ng pamilya, at sa oras na ibenta ang bahay, magiging dayuhan tayo sa ating sariling bayan,kayat hinding hindi dapat na ibenta ang bahay sa gallego. this was her last words, and so it will stay. Kaya po isinigigaw ko, ako po ay isang GALLEGOHIN…. Mabuhay po tayong lahat

  44. Ignacio D. Suarilla III permalink
    11 April 2010 03:23

    Greetings! To all my classmate in high school “Batch 91”. I am a native of Del Gallego, I have a blood of veluz, my grandmother is Juanita Villafuerte Veluz wife of Ignacio San Juan Suarilla Sr. Thank you to those who work for this research, this will help to us veluz clan to know our family root.

    • Mona Magno-Veluz permalink
      20 September 2010 10:29

      glad to find a distant cousin through this site! i can’t remember — have i sent you an invitation to our family tree yet?

  45. 4 May 2010 05:52

    kuya bayani v viluz ang gaganda pla poh nang mnga commit sainyo ng mnga mamayan jn sna poh mg pakatatag pa poh ikw kuya aq poh yong apo ni kandida sapinoso anak ni emily sapionos good lock poh kuya

  46. 16 May 2010 11:13

    happy fiesta poh sa mga taga gallego….miz na mizzzzzzz quh na kea poh ang gallego,…..peo uuwi rin naman aquh ehh……and congrats nga plah poh sa new mayor ng love na love quhng town.mrs.abarrientos…………sana poh mapaunlad nyo pah ang bayan ntin at mapaganda pa ito ng vonggang vonggahhhh…………

    • jaymark verceluz permalink
      27 August 2010 08:49

      hai….gallego…mis na mis na kita!!!lahat ng tao jan…..gusto q nang umuwi….hai….khit anong gawin q d2 sa manila….anjan pa din ung puso ko…sana makauwi aq jan ngaung sembreak!!!!

  47. Carlos Juan Marcelo Del Gallego permalink
    13 June 2010 06:10

    Hi, It’s fantastic to see the achievements of my great grand father Don Juan Del Gallego. At the age of 10, I left the Philippines Islands bound for Madrid Spain back in 1978 and promised myself to one day visit the town and that time has arrived as I will be visiting Philippines by end of September. ‘Muchas gracias a todos por haber hecho lo que hoy se considera un buen lugar para vivir..el pueblo Del Gallego’.

    Carlos Juan Marcelo Del Gallego

    • Mona permalink
      17 September 2010 06:56

      i haven’t seen del gallego since the early 1990s; but i am sure it is very different from what you saw in 1978. the maharlika highway was a welcome change, i hear.

      thanks for visiting the site, carlos!

  48. Pipeliner permalink
    13 August 2010 15:36

    10 stars and a thumbs up to the creator Mrs. Mona Veluz for creating this very nice site in which all of Gallegans around the world can interact to each other..

    VIVA danawin riders… more rides to come… kuya aboy, Sir Raul, Pareng Dan, Kuya Kiri san ba next ride?

  49. 28 August 2011 13:11

    hi all my relatives in my mother side ubante and del gallego, anak po ako ni iluminada a.k.a luming, ubante borja at gusto ko rin pong ikumusta si mama sa mga old friends nia mtagal na ring di nakakauwi jan,sana my mkabasa nito at mag reply ung ibang friends nia ay sina azon, gani, tio nestor basco,ung iba dko na ma recall eh…. ciguro makakauwi rin kmi jan kc gusto ko ring mkrating ung mga anak ko jan…para mkita nlang talagang maganda ang bayan ng del gallego……pero take note….sa aldavoc tagkawayan ako ipinanganak…….
    thnx ms. mona magno-veluz … i hope will meet each other.. :)

    • Mona permalink
      31 August 2011 07:48

      Salamat sa bisita, Cristina!

  50. 23 May 2012 14:01

    Kagagaling ko lang ng Del Gallego yesterday thru the invitation of father and son, Mr. Bienvenido and Rosanno (Sonny) Veluz. Maganda yong lugar, malamig ang hangin at sariwa ang mga isda galing ng dagat and the people were very accommodating. I would like to thank them and their cousins for their hospitality. I hope to visit it again someday.

  51. 6 December 2012 20:24


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